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Addiction is a chronic disease – not a personal failure. We help people beat the disease of heroin, opioid and alcohol addiction with dignity.

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With a unique approach designed to shed light on the issues underlying the addiction, we treat people differently. At Addiction Rehab Centers, we combine the 12-Steps with Intense Process Therapy to lead our patients to a path that ensures life-long recovery and a drug free life style. Each individual has unique needs which require a tailor-made recovery program. We focus on ‘why’ rather than ‘how’ individuals get addicted because without understanding and treating the core issue, the possibility of a relapse always remains. In many cases, individuals use drugs to escape the memories of a painful experience such as emotional, physical or sexual abuse, abandonment, co-dependency etc., making it impossible to effectively treat addictive behaviours without treating the underlying causes.

Lack of a secure attachment growing up also serves as fertile ground for addiction. Having no compassionate human being to turn to, people resort to drugs and alcohol in times of distress. helping our patients develop healthy and secure attachment is a key part of our treatment plan.

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Healing the Patient AND the Family

We offer a comprehensive 4-day family program allowing patients and their family members to work collaboratively towards recovery which has acted as a catalyst of healing for many of our clients.


Our treatment approach is based on love, compassion and understanding rather than lack of acceptance and tough love. Tough love, a technique used by many treatment centers may appear to be useful initially but can be more harmful in the long run leading the patient to a dangerous relapse later on. On the other hand, understanding and compassion can help the patient develop a will to recover and a sense of self-love thus ensuring a recovery that can last a life time.

Rediscover The Joy of Life

We offer comprehensive programs to help you or your loved one recover
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