Sex Addiction & Intimacy Disorders

he Center for Relationship and Sexual Recovery at The Ranch provides evidence-based, gender-separate treatment for people suffering from intimacy disorders, sex and love addiction, and relationship issues. Behaviors around love and sex addiction and intimacy disorders can harm people's health, relationships, career and/or finances. These issues often co-occur with substance abuse, disordered eating and mental health conditions. Left unaddressed, sex and love addiction can contribute to chronic relapse and prevent people from recovering fully. Our clinicians address the constellation of issues clients struggle with so that they can heal wholly and move forward with improved self-confidence and healthier relationships.

Treated at: Tennessee

Sex Addiction Therapy

Clients participate in process groups, family and couples therapy, individual counseling and shame-resilience training, as well as some co-ed groups and 12-step meetings. They also engage in experiential approaches like adventure therapy, contemplative therapies such as meditation and yoga, and activities to enhance spiritual growth.

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Many people don’t recognize the damaging effects of alcohol because it is so prevalent in society. Whether it’s having one too many drinks at happy hour after work one night or developing a pattern of frequent binge drinking, the effects of alcohol can be seen across the country in many forms.