Process Addiction: Major Types and Treatment Methods

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12 June, 2018

Process addiction or behavioral addiction, unlike a substance addiction, refers to the abnormal behavior conditions interfering with one’s everyday functions by distorting one’s physical, social, familial and psychological relationships. Because these addictions are not fatal and life threatening as substance addiction, they are often ignored by the people. However, the process addiction is harmful for one’s emotional and psychological life if not cured in time.

Types of Process Addiction:

Process addiction, like substance addiction, includes several types of addictions described below in detail:

Gambling Addiction

It refers to the frequent desire to gamble or make the choices related to gambling in life, such as placing bets time and again in all matters of life, trying to make and win bets even when devoid of any means to pay for these bets and feeling aggression and anger when on the verge of losing the bet. Gambling addiction can lead to bankruptcy, loss of job and conflicts in marital life.

Food Addiction

Many people tend to eat all the time to avoid stress, to overcome the feeling of ennui or to pass their time even when they are not feeling hungry. It leads to food addiction or eating disorders causing weight gain, frustration and insomnia, thus disturbing the life and work of the addict.

Risky Behavior Addiction

Some people are prone to put their lives in danger by involving in risky behavior without any specific reason, such as excessively riding on roller coasters, rash driving, cliff diving or snowboarding off mountains. This addiction may lead to any serious injury or even death in extreme cases.

Videogame Addiction

A majority of the teenagers and adolescents have a habit of playing video-games excessively by absorbing into the world of fantasy and illusions, thus drifting away from the world of reality by shirking their responsibilities.

Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is a type of process addiction that leads to an uncontrollable desire of indulging in unhealthy and unsafe sex with others. This addiction may cause serious physical ailments including HIV AIDS and other STDs.

Work Addiction

Some people are workaholics spending unnecessary long hours at work which may lead to fatigue, sleeplessness or loss of appetite.

Shopping/Spending Addiction

Another interesting type of process addiction is shopping addiction or the habit of overspending; however, this addiction does not remain interesting when one loses all of his/her money in buying unnecessary items.

Internet Addiction

Most people spend excessive hours on internet chatting, surfing and watching movies. It is a type of process addiction called internet addiction leading to loss of sleep, fatigue and blurred vision among the addicts.

Treatment Techniques of Process Addiction:

The process or behavioral addiction can be treated through a variety of methods and processes mentioned below:

  • Detox support is the most reliable way to cure a process addiction as it enables the addicts to get rid of the symptoms of stress, anxiety, fatigue and insomnia caused by these behavioral addictions.
  • Family support is another engaging and reliable way to get relief from process addiction without taking any medication because the family of an individual helps him/her to remain happy, satisfied and stress free in the life.
  • Process addiction can also be controlled by the psychotherapy involving treatment therapies such as cognitive behavior therapy and other interpersonal therapies providing instant relief to the addicts.
  • Certain trauma-treatment therapies may also prove beneficial in the treatment of the process addictions resulted from any stressful or traumatic experience in life.
  • The creative therapies such as music and art therapies are also used to treat the individuals suffering from mild form of process or behavioral addiction.

Some Facts and Figures about Process Treatment:

The research published in Health and Evaluation Journal in the United States of America calculated the percentages and the frequencies of Americans suffering from various types of process addictions given below:

  • According to a report, around 4.9% of the adult US population is involved in buying addiction causing serious money issues for their family.
  • About 2 million of Americans suffer from gambling disorders and addictions wasting the hard-earned income of their families in surplus interest.
  • The percentage of internet addicts in the US have reached up to 1.5%-8% in various states and is increasing rapidly with each passing day.
  • Approximately 3%-6% of the American citizens, including teenagers, suffer from sexual addiction. It is the very reason that the number of HIV patients is increasing day by day in the US.

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