Multi-Disciplinary Approach Towards Drug Addiction

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Drug Addiction

2 July, 2018

At Addiction Rehab Centers, we offer drug recovery programs for male and female adults with substance abuse, mental health disorders and eating disorders. We work with our clients in an individualized manner, offering the best one-to-one treatment allowing for a greater interaction with clients.

The Addiction Rehab team starts the initial treatment with comprehensive assessments; supports evidence based approach and provides a detailed as well as comprehensive planning with the solitary goal of lasting recovery, one step at a time.

We undertake a multi-disciplinary approach that is the key to our treatment program. We work with clients who suffer from substance abuse, mental health disorders or eating disorders with our experienced team of rehab professionals. Our assessment starts once you call Addiction Rehab Centers for assistance. Our highly-experienced team of drug rehab professionals, doctors, physicians and therapists work round the clock with the addicts and their family members. The information provided by the client forms an essential part of the overall assessment when he or she arrives for admission at Addiction Rehab Centers.

Upon admission, patients or sufferers work through a comprehensive evaluation, starting with medical, mental, nutritional and clinical assessment.  This includes various physical and psychiatric assessments based upon medical data and laboratory data.  In the majority of cases, we work with clients who have mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, fear, trauma, substance abuse and a variety of other conditions that are chronic and acute in nature.

Our multidisciplinary team meets on a regular basis to discuss the individual needs of clients to assist in the complete recovery process.  The exclusive Addiction Rehab Centers team includes nursing staff, medical staff and therapy professionals that look into the core underlying issues that led to addiction. The treatment plans are frequently upgraded by discussing new techniques and strategies that help in the speedy recovery of the addict.

From its very roots, the Addiction Rehab Centers treatment plan is based upon a multidisciplinary approach as our experienced clinicians, therapists, physicians and doctors go on to treat an individual by taking into account the multidimensional factors that lead a person to addiction of drugs and alcohol. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), clinical counseling, medical counseling, detoxification and various other clinical interventions are used in addition to holistic therapies such as yoga and meditation.

Detoxification Services at Addiction Rehab Centers:

Whenever sufferers come to our rehab clinic for clinical admission, they are assessed for detoxification needs. A complete cessation to the use of those medicines that have addiction potential can be life threatening in nature, if carried out in haste. Our medical professionals are constantly monitoring clients for serious withdrawal symptoms since well-being is our top priority and this is exactly where Addiction Rehab Centers are different from others.

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