Intensive Therapy for Patients with Severe Illnesses and Issues

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Intensive Therapy

30 July, 2018

Whether you are suffering from mental sickness or substance abuse, therapy is the best and most reliable solution to get rid of your problem. According to a survey conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, around 2.4 million people have been treated up till today for substance abuse in America through therapeutic techniques. For those who suffer from severe mental issues and substance addictions, intensive therapy provides the best treatment. This therapy is designed for those patients who need more than a weekly treatment of normal therapy. These patients have already completed the course of detox program in a health facility and now need intensive therapy to get permanent relief from their addiction.

The Need for Intensive Therapy

The people fall victim to substance addiction due to various psychological reasons ranging from failure in marriage to the loss of a loved one. Besides these stressful life events, many people develop certain addictions due to severe mental illnesses disturbing their daily life activities. Regardless of the cause or reason, an individual needs intensive therapy in case of severe conditions and symptoms. Some important conditions which require intensive therapy are described below:

  1. Chronic Mental Illness

A mental disorder, if remained undiagnosed or untreated, may become severe and unbearable leading to substance addiction. These mental disorders including

  • Severe Depression
  • Bipolar Disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Schizophrenia
  • Personality Disorders require immediate intensive therapy sessions as they cannot be cured through regular treatment procedures.

These psychological disorders can be treated effectively in special rehabilitation centers where patients are given intensive therapy sessions in controlled conditions.

  1. Traumatic Life Experiences

Intensive therapy is also considered reliable and effective for the people, who suffer from emotional breakdown due to any family crisis, traumatic incident, job loss or the death of a loved one. These emotional crises often lead to substance addiction for coping with the hard times. In this situation, the individuals must be given intensive therapy sessions in rehabilitation centers to cure them of their addiction.

Treatment Methods used in Intensive Therapy

Intensive therapy sessions are given to both inpatients, those who are admitted to the hospitals or rehab centers for full-time treatment, and to outpatients, those patients who come to the hospitals and recovery centers for therapy sessions at specified times. Intensive therapy can be done by adopting certain treatment methods and processes described below:

  • General therapy sessions, offering counseling and guidance to people on a daily basis under the care of expert psychiatrists and therapists, are considered to be the primary treatment methods of intensive therapy.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is also used as an intensive therapy method to cure the patients suffering from chronic drug, alcohol, cocaine or heroin addictions. According to the report of General Psychiatry Journal, around 63.9% of the addicts treated with cognitive behavioral therapy showed a significant amount of reduced symptoms of their addictions after this intensive therapy.
  • Individual and group therapy methods are also used in different hospitals and rehabilitation centers to treat substance addiction.
  • Grief counseling technique is another treatment used for intensive therapy on those suffering from the family crisis, traumatic experience or death of a beloved. In the Journal of American Medical Association, a report was published stating that approximately 51% of addicts suffering from family problems showed better results when treated via grief counseling therapy.
  • Talk therapy and motivational interviewing are some other treatment techniques adopted during intensive therapy sessions. These treatment processes bring effective and far-reaching positive results for the substance addicts.

Intensive therapy treatment does not mean that the patients have become so helpless and powerless before their addiction that they cannot take any positive initiative themselves. The patients are recommended with an intensive therapy so that they can cure their substance addiction in a better way with proper and professional counseling. It is the very reason that special rehabilitation centers, clinics, and recovery centers are set up for such individuals across the globe to help them in leading a healthy and normal life.

Intensive Therapy Programs

Various institutes, hospitals, and rehab centers have initiated different kinds of intensive therapy programs to help their patients according to their needs and requirements. Some of these intensive therapy programs run by reputed recovery centers include:

  • Mixed Modality Intensive Programinvolves the use of different complementary healing modes to cure the patients suffering from severe substance addiction.
  • Custom Integrative Intensive Programfocuses on individual patients. Each patient is treated according to the customized integrative program devised by a professional expert.
  • Caregiver for Patients Programencourages the patients to arrange one-on-one sessions with an expert therapist of the Institute.
  • Group Intensive Programis held in a group of three to four people treated simultaneously by a panel of professionals.
  • On-occasion Programsinvolve a full-fledged three to four days intensive therapy program arranged for outpatients at low costs.

Intensive therapy has become the need of the day owing to its everlasting benefits to the substance addicts. If you or your family members are suffering from any substance addiction and want intensive therapy treatment, contact Addiction Rehab Centers for a trusted treatment at affordable rates. The team of proficient experts at our centers brings new hope for the patients disturbed by their addictions. Looking for someone to hear you out at the time of intense need, call us or leave us a message to get immediate help. An effective treatment today will lead to a better and more prosperous future tomorrow.

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