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7 August, 2018

Mostly, people who want to quit drugs and get rid of the addiction are suggested with the rehab facilities. These places are supposed to support the patients and make sure they get clean and back to the proper health as they were before becoming addicted to some certain kinds of drugs.  While people know that rehabilitation center might be a good option for them or their children, they are concerned about the environment, the legal processes if any and the anonymity of the patient.

Your concerns are totally valid as giving yourself, or a loved one up to a place totally unknown is a difficult process, and once you come out, you are a totally a changed person. However, you are not alone in these concerns. Thousands of people each year seek help from rehab facilities for their substance addiction issues.

In the year 2012, an approximate amount of 23 million people required treatment for substance abuse, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports. As more and more people are seeking to save their lives from addiction, the rehab facilities in each city are increasing.

What are rehabilitation centers?

The rehabilitation centers, also known as rehabs are the facilities where the addicts can get help from professional and get rid of the addiction issues.

These institutions are designed keeping in view the need of patients, and they systematically reduce the need of drug from the body making it zero. These institutions help patients get over their issues by engaging them in the group therapy so that they can tell their stories to other people who share the same pain and relate. The staff knows the mental conditions of the patients when they are in detox stage and cooperate as much as they can.  The patients go through interventions, interviews, and motivational sessions, making sure they overcome their addiction and never think of finding escape in drugs.

As the drug comes out of the system patients, go through high depression, and in those stages, they need intensive care 24 hours which isn’t possible in the outer world. That is why the in-house facilities take in patients and let them go only when they are strong enough to face the world.

What do patients go through?

Rehab centers not only take responsibility of giving the patients a detox treatment, but work on getting them back on their feet. The rehabs deal with the overall treatment of the patients, helping them to overcome their aggression and take life positively. The mental state of patients is continually assessed to note the changes and their recovery is recorded.

Overall, the rehabs are a life changing experience it the patients only get out better than before taking life more seriously. The cause of addiction is judged, and efforts are made to eliminate it from reoccurring.

Types of rehab

The rehab centers and their intake processes are different for different individuals. It must also be taken that the each goes through a different intake process and rehab program, depending upon the nature of drug addiction and the dependence of the body on the substance.

Given the difference in drugs, the time duration of treatment may also differ. There are different types of rehab facilities for different cases and their situation as they seek help.

Some patients require lengthy rehab solutions for which they have to be admitted for a long period of time. Such facility treatment is known as Long-term residential rehab where the patient lives in the rehab center, overcomes the drug obsession and get detoxified. After the process, the patient is treated to live the new drug-free life without any difficulty. Lastly, the patient is introduced to the outer world. After the patient leaves the residential facility, he or she still gets weekly appointments, and his recovery is recorded.

Other types of rehabs are short-term where the patient is kept for a short period and is supported to give up the drug for good. Some patients get over the addiction quickly and leave the rehabs quicker than others. Others are partially hospitalized which means they get to move in the outer world when the treatment is going on. Other types of rehabs include admitting the patients to brief intervention and introducing them to drug-free life by making them realize the perks of health and a positive lifestyle.

How do addictions develop?

Addiction is the dependence of a drug in excess. Everyone has a potential for developing addictions, and it starts when they take fun as a habit because these habits result in addiction. Many addicts that come to rehab centers have family backgrounds where there is no one with drinking problems which means the habit can’t be inherited. Anyone can develop the addiction, and it has to be treated.

Intake process for patients

The intake process takes a general assessment of the patient to get an idea of the addiction and how long the treatment needs to be continued.

A doctor sees the patients and evaluates his condition. The intake process involves the doctors to check the medical records of the patient to see how long will the detox process will take. The mental history is also reviewed to see what led to the excessive drug use at the first place. The root cause of the drug has to be known to eliminate it permanently.

People are scared of getting help as they are afraid of people knowing about their mental illness and substance abuse issues which might raise questions in society, and getting jobs. The rehabs realize it and guarantee patient confidentiality to make the treatment process care free for the patients.

Professional help is vital for the drug addicts as this might be the only way that a person can normally live after severe dependence on a certain kind of drug.

Addiction Rehab Centers make sure you are in the right hands by providing you with advanced medical facilities, highly regarded therapists and an environment that makes you feel home. Remember, you have to take the right decision by calling us and seeking help. We want to help and support you in getting a healthy life. Call today and start your intake process!

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