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How Long Does Synthetic Marijuana/Spice/K2 Stay in Your System?

How Long Does Synthetic Marijuana/Spice/K2 Stay in Your System?

Synthetic marijuana/Spice/K2 is a compound that is synthetically prepared to mimic the effects of Marijuana. However, its potency is many times greater than Cannabis and also the range of adverse effects. Synthetic marijuana/spice/K2 is a designer drug that is only used for getting a recreational High and there is no medicinal use of this compound. It carries a high potential for abuse and addiction. The psychoactive constituents of Synthetic marijuana have led to its ban in many parts of the World. Though the drug is still illegally sold and used. The research data is limited about the pharmacokinetics of Synthetic marijuana/Spice/K2.

How long does Synthetic Marijuana/Spice/K2 stay in your system?

There are a lot of variations in the chemical composition of Synthetic marijuana/Spice/K2. It is difficult to calculate how long the drug will stay in the system as different products offer a discrete composition. Theoretically, it is assumed that the drug cannot stay in the body for extended time duration.

Two chemicals, whose half lives have been estimated, include JWH-018 and JWH-073. JWH-073 has a half-life of about 74.2 minutes. It means almost 6.8 hours will be taken by the drug to get cleared from the system. In comparison, JWH-018 possesses a shorter half-life of about 22.9 minutes. It will tend to stay in the circulation for about 2.1 hours before getting eliminated. So, knowing how long does Synthetic Marijuana/Spice/K2 stays in your body can be helpful in the long run.

Another ingredient used in Synthetic marijuana/spice/K2 is AM-2201. Its half-life has been documented in animal models only. It came out to be 6 hours in rats. But it is more important to know how long does how long does Synthetic Marijuana/Spice/K2 stays in the body of humans.

Based on the limited evidence that is available so far, we can estimate that the drug will get eliminated between 24-72 hours of the last dose.

Factors that influence how long Synthetic marijuana/spice/K2stays in your system:

There are many factors that affect the duration of metabolism and excretion of a drug from the body.

Synthetic marijuana/spice/K2 Ingredients:

There are more than 100 ingredients that are used in the making of Synthetic marijuana/synthetic marijuana/spice/K2. Each of psychoactive components has a different elimination rate. All these components have not been studied in the humans yet. Therefore, every two packets of synthetic marijuana/spice/K2 can have different durations of stay in the body.

Individual Factors:

There are many individual variations that act as variables to change the rate of excretion from the body.

  • Age: Metabolism process of vaporized or smoked Synthetic marijuana/spice/K2 does not get significantly affected by the aging process. However, the metabolism of an orally ingested drug gets altered by the age as the efficiency of enzymes gets deteriorated as a result of the disease processes in the older people.
  • Fat content: The higher fat content of the body is associated with more drug accumulation and thus slower rate of metabolization and excretion.
  • Genetics:Many isoenzymes facilitate the process of drug metabolism in the liver. For example, alleles that enhance the enzymes such as CYP1A2 and CYP2C9 can boost up the rates of hepatic metabolism of JWH-018.
  • Liver Functions: As the process of metabolism of Synthetic marijuana/Spice/K2 takes place in the liver. Any impairment of liver functions can slow down the metabolism. The isoenzymes like CYP1A2and CYP2C9 get compromised as a result of hepatic cirrhosis.
  • Metabolic Rate: People with a high BMR can metabolize the drug at faster rates as compared to those having a low BMR. But it is said that the role of a BMR in Synthetic marijuana/Spice/K2 elimination is not clinically significant.
  • Renal Functions: Renal impairment can affect the process of elimination of numerous metabolites of synthetic marijuana/spice/K2. Therefore, people suffering from chronic renal diseases have a slow and often incomplete elimination of drug.
  • Urinary pH: A low Ph facilitates the elimination of drug. Alkaline urine can slow down this process. The basic mechanism is the prevention of reabsorption and recirculation of drug back into the body.
  • Mode of Administration:Smoking yields rapid effects than oral administration of drug. Further the effects stay for longer durations in the case of an orally ingested drug. The hepatic metabolic processes take some time to play their part in the metabolism of synthetic marijuana.
  • Duration of use:The chronic users have more accumulation of drug in their body systems. The elimination process is also slower than those who have used for shorter durations. Moreover, such people also consume the higher doses of drug.
  • Dosages: A higher dose will require more time to undergo metabolism and excretion.
  • Co-administered Drugs:Any medicines or supplements that can enhance the level of hepatic isoenzymes will speed up the process of elimination. On the other side, many drugs act as inhibitors and slow down the metabolism.

Synthetic marijuana/spice/K2absorption, metabolism, and excretion:

Synthetic marijuana/Spice/K2 is usually smoked in water pipes and lung tissues absorb the drug. The user begins to feel the effects in few minutes after the consumption. The chemical compounds of Synthetic marijuana/Spice/K2 are lipophilic in nature. This enables them to distribute throughout the central nervous system, adipose tissues, and peripheral tissues.

The chemicals are metabolized in the liver by CYP450 enzymes. An extensive metabolism takes place when the drug is orally ingested. First, it is absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract and then undergoes the first pass metabolism in the liver.

The ingredients AM-2201 and JWH-018 are metabolized by CYP1A2 and CYP2C9 isoenzymes. Other isoenzymes like CYP2C19, CYP2E1, CYP3A4, and CYP2D6 are also involved but to a minor extent. The chemical JWH-018 then undergoes the process of hydroxylation to form metabolites such as JWH-018 5-OH, JWH-018 4-OH, JWH-018 7-OH and JWH-018 6-OH. Alkyl-side chain metabolites are also formed, which include JWH-018 ω-1-OH, JWH-018 ω-COOH, and JWH-018 ω-OH.

The majority of the drug will be eliminated through the kidneys and the feces account for a smaller proportion of excreted drug.

Different types of Synthetic Marijuana/Spice/K2 drug tests:

Synthetic marijuana/Spice/K2 can be detected on the drug screening tests. However, they need to be advanced in order to accurately quantify the levels of the synthetic cannabinoids. Some of the tests that are used for Synthetic marijuana include urine tests, blood tests, hair tests, and salivary tests.

  • Urine Tests:It is the most commonly used test as it is non-invasive and the drug levels can be identified several days after the last dose. Actually, the metabolites take a much longer duration to reach out of the body system. The laboratories have detected Synthetic marijuana/Spice/K2 for up to 72 hours after the last consumed dose. Liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS) is used for the determination of metabolites of Synthetic marijuana/synthetic marijuana/spice/K2. Knowing the facts as to how long does Synthetic Marijuana/Spice/K2 stays in your urine can provide a better caution for future.
  • Hair Tests: The ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry (UHPLC-MS/MS) technique is used for hair analysis. It is a very effective test for the identification of synthetic marijuana/spice/K2. The ingested synthetic marijuana gets accumulated in the proximal hair segments within few days of ingested or smoked dose. The particles are retained in the distal and medial segments for weeks to months. Due to such a long window of detection in comparison to other testing modalities, it is a preferred test in many cases of synthetic marijuana/spice/K2abuse. JWH-073can be detected at even low concentrations of 6-50.5 pg/mg. JWH-122 at 7.4-2800 pg/mg. Overall, the synthetic cannabinoids can be observed at concentrations less than 50 pg/mg.
  • Saliva Tests: Salivary tests are not so advanced for detecting synthetic marijuana/spice/K2. In near future, more technologically equipped tests will be available that are capable of identifying the sensitive cases of overdose and intoxications. The chemical JWH-018 found in Blueberry Posh is found in saliva within twenty minutes and can stay up to 12 hours. JWH-018 cannot be detected for such long durations after the final dose. None of the Synthetic Cannabinoids remain detectable over 24 hours in an oral fluid sample.
  • Blood Tests: The metabolism of Synthetic Cannabinoid is quite fast so there is a very short window period during which it can be detected in blood samples. However, the metabolites have been found up to 48 hours in the blood samples. But you need to know exactly how long does Synthetic Marijuana/Spice/K2 stays in your blood and system.

Tips to clear Synthetic Marijuana/Spice/K2 from the system faster:

There are some tips that can be applied to achieve a faster elimination rate of drug from the body. These all must be verified from a concerned doctor before implementation. Some people may derive more benefit than others using these strategies.

  • Synthetic marijuana/spice/K2 is a lipophilic compound. The greater percentage of fat content in the body leads to more accumulation of drug. Exercise is a useful remedy for this issue. It should be done daily to increase the rates of excretion of drug from the body.
  • Calcium-D-Glucarate supplements the functions of kidneys by inhibiting beta-glucuronidase activity in the kidney tubules. This allows the drug to get rapidly flushed out of the system.
  • Activated charcoal is also used to bind the unabsorbed drug particles and inhibit their further absorption.
  • Eating food stuff that can acidify the urine is an easy process of speeding up the elimination rate. Care should be taken not to go over an extent of over-acidification and acidosis.
  • Hydration is another method. Drink plenty of water to increase the urinary flow rate and thus the removal of a drug through urine.