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Addiction Rehab Centers

Let us provide the healing that you or your loved one need.

An addiction to alcohol is often best treated by participating in an alcohol rehab treatment program. Our alcohol detox center in Indianapolis is here to help you get on the road to recovery. To learn more about withdrawal and detox, please contact Addiction Rehab Centers today at 844.910.0686.

Do You Need an Alcohol Detox Center?

a person denies alcohol in their alcohol detox programEverybody experiences alcohol addiction differently. However, if you live with regrets about your drinking habits, it might be time to make a change and seek out alcohol detox treatment. These are some signs to look for if you are considering an alcohol detox center:

  • Planning your day around the next time, you can drink
  • Determining if you will go to social situations based on whether alcohol will be there
  • Feeling the need to bring alcohol with you when you know that you may be without even for a short period
  • Discontinuing relationships and friendships that were once important to you because you do not feel like you can drink freely
  • Not completing day-to-day responsibilities such as school, work, and things around the house

However, not all people needing detox fall into the typical stereotype of an alcoholic. Some people are highly functional alcoholics. Those that fall into this category have a more difficult time determining that they may need to consider an alcohol detox center. Usually, family and friends must intervene and help the patient struggling with addiction see how the disease has consumed him or her.

How an Alcohol Detox Center Can Help You

Going to our alcohol detox center in Indianapolis will help you more easily see a path to recovery. It does not matter if you are a local or if you are traveling here to get a fresh new start. Addiction Rehab Centers is here to help you. The alcohol detox center will give you time and space to enter sobriety within a judgment-free community.

Most importantly, the alcohol detox program assesses potential underlying issues that led up to alcohol addiction. Once you can pinpoint your triggers, you will learn how to manage them properly. Thus, you will experience less temptation for actions that may trigger a relapse. Detox centers can help you experience sobriety stress-free.

Our Approach to Alcohol Addiction at Addiction Rehab Centers

At Addiction Rehab Centers, you will feel like you are on a retreat. Our treatment programs are meant to be effective and thought-provoking yet relaxing enough to provide you with a sense of renewal.

We believe that there is no single alcohol detox treatment that is right for everyone. It is because of this that we offer a variety of alcohol treatment programs and facilities.

We recognize that everyone’s journey is different, so we offer a variety of therapies to complement the programs in place:

  • A center that recognizes mental health needs you may face while struggling with addiction
  • Family therapy programs allow you and your family to build a new bridge and leave any toxic behaviors behind
  • Individual therapy programs will support you along the way while helping to foster support for your sober life.
  • Group therapy will allow you to create relationships with other people in recovery.

With all the options we offer for alcohol detox, you will be sure to find one that suits your recovery needs. Also, you can choose to customize programs based on your individual needs.

Contact Addiction Rehab Centers Today

No matter what your needs are, our alcohol detox at Addiction Rehab Centers provides treatment tailored to your needs. During your detox and recovery, you will be able to enjoy an incredibly low staff-to-patient ratio.

There is no reason to let alcohol addiction rule you or your loved one’s life. Designed for you, our alcohol detox program in Indianapolis can help get you on the road to recovery. Call Addiction Rehab Centers today at 844.910.0686.