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Addiction Rehab Centers

Let us provide the healing that you or your loved one need.

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     From 2015-2019 I struggled with gambling addiction, a problem that is rising consistently year over year. I was lost and was struggling with depression and anxiety which led me to cope with this pain by falling into the intense high of gambling addiction. My thoughts would only allow me to think about the next time I was going to gamble, which, was just a coping mechanism, instead of dealing with the real underlying issues at hand. I found myself lost and suicidal and thought I had nowhere to turn. After contemplating suicide, I made the decision to speak to my father about my gambling addiction. That conversation led me into the hands of Addiction Rehab Centers.

     Upon arrival at Addiction Rehab Centers, I was met with love, kindness, and a group of staff members and clients that were all on the same path. I was not seen as an addict as walked through the doors, but instead as a human being who was in deep emotional pain. Instead of treating the addiction, I was taught that I had to figure what had led me down this path. I was then given the emotional tools to understand where I had been hurt, and how the pain that I was holding was severely affecting my mental health. I had always been taught to move on from painful experiences without ever dealing with them or talking about how I felt. ARC gave me these tools to talk about my mental health issues, family problems, and myself worth problems.

     After 58 days at Addiction rehab centers, I left with a new outlook on life. I was able to set healthy boundaries with family and friends, I was able to let go of the people in my life who were dragging me down, and I was able to fully love myself. This gave me the clarity to see that I had all the ability in the world to achieve my dreams and live a long healthy life. Now 2 years later I could not be happier, I am working every day doing what I love, which is helping those who need the same help I did.

– Grant Hourigan

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You can speak with Grant directly about Addiction Rehab Centers, by calling 844.910.0686.

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     Heroin addiction had taken over my life. I had never planned on being a heroin addict. My addiction started at an early age drinking alcohol with friends. By the time I had graduated high school, I was in full blown alcoholism. As time passed, I needed more and more to satisfy my disease and would take any drugs I could get my hands on just to quiet my mind for a while. Then I found opiates. It was the cure all for me. They gave me energy and confidence, and helped me sleep and kept me on top of the world… so I thought. When I found heroin, nothing else mattered. I would sacrifice any of my values to get it. Heroin was my master. For the next 8 years I would lie, cheat and steal my way through heroin addiction. I couldn’t keep a job, landed in multiple jail cells, and ended up with what few possessions I had in my car.

     Sobriety has given me a life I never dreamt was possible. It has given me real self esteem and the confidence that I believed the drugs had given me. Sobriety has given me the tools to respond to life and show up for others when they need me. I have a core set of values today that I stick to, and I am grateful that today. I worked hard to gain the trust of my family, friends and employer. I have learned to use my past in a positive light to help others get out of the hole I was once in. I am truly grateful for my sobriety and try to learn how to get better at it daily.

– Jon Eckstein

Jon Eckstein

You can speak with Jon directly about Addiction Rehab Centers, by calling 844.910.0686.