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a woman is glad she entered sexual abuse and trauma therapyEach year, hundreds of thousands of people in the United States over the age of twelve have been victims of sexual assault. Many people don’t have the tools to cope with the trauma, leading many of them to turn to drugs or alcohol to handle these experiences. Turning to substances can, in turn, quickly lead to an addiction. However, when a patient turns to our sexual abuse and severe trauma therapy program, we can help them overcome their past and their addiction simultaneously.

At Addiction Rehab Centers, we’re committed to helping people across the beautiful state of Indiana put an end to substance abuse. Whether they’re battling an addiction to meth or an addiction to alcohol, we offer compassionate care tailored to each person’s unique needs. Our treatment options are extensive, and we take the time to get to know each person’s challenges to provide the best possible treatment. To learn more about our addiction treatment programs, please contact Addiction Rehab Centers today at 844.910.0686.

Why Choose Our Sexual Abuse and Severe Trauma Therapy Program

Addiction Rehab Centers is a safe, nurturing community for survivors of sexual abuse and severe trauma. The need for safety is paramount while treating the effects of sexual abuse and trauma. The connection between past traumas and addiction is undeniable. These issues are extremely painful, create enormous shame, self-hatred, abandonment issues, and codependency. Sexual abuse and trauma take many forms. These can be single events or events that escalate over time. Examples include:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Rape
  • Inappropriate touching
  • Being pressured to engage in sexual activity
  • Threats of harm if the individual doesn’t comply

Oftentimes, someone may experience these events early on in life and suffer through adulthood with unhealthy coping mechanisms. Childhood trauma and addiction are deeply intertwined and require professional help. Sexual abuse and trauma are among the leading causes of substance abuse disorder and abuse of other addictive substances and behavior. Addiction Rehab Centers takes a multi-disciplinary and individualistic approach to treating survivors of sexual abuse and trauma. Our team understands that individuals are all affected differently. As a result, we place importance on developing individualistic treatment plans rather than a “treatment track.”

Our approach includes techniques such as EMDR, in-depth process work, and the development of self-love. We believe in working to define love, intimacy, and safe boundaries. Through these and other techniques, our team takes advantage of the human brain’s neuroplasticity or the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections in order to adapt and adjust to new situations, experiences, and environments.

Symptoms Common with Sexual Abuse and Trauma

Diagnosis of sexual abuse and trauma can be challenging, given the co-morbidity of co-occurring disorders. Many individuals suffering from sexual abuse and trauma also utilize other forms of addiction to avoid shame and emotional pain. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Addiction
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Difficulty trusting
  • Sexual anxiety and disorders, including having too many or unsafe sexual partners.
  • Difficulty setting safe limits with others and relationship problems.
  • Poor body image and low self-esteem.
  • Self-harm or eating problems.

Addiction Rehab Centers provides a safe and empathetic community to address these issues. We are experts in addressing trauma and abuse and believe that the underlying problems of shame and co-dependency are exacerbated when sexual abuse and trauma are present.

Contact Addiction Rehab Centers Today

At Addiction Rehab Centers, we know how painful it can be to experience sexual abuse or severe trauma. However, we also know that people can overcome their past and move forward into a better and brighter future. At our treatment center, we offer a range of holistic and evidence-based treatment options that we mold to fit the needs of the patient. Don’t let sexual abuse or trauma from your past control your future. Contact Addiction Rehab Centers today at 844.910.0686 to learn more about the recovery options available at our treatment center.