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Addiction Rehab Centers

Let us provide the healing that you or your loved one need.

In the United States, over 19 million women struggle with an addiction to alcohol, drugs, or both. Substance abuse impacts every aspect of the sufferer’s life, keeping many women from achieving their goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In order to break free from the chains of addiction, it may be necessary for you to find a safe, caring women’s rehab center where you can address the challenges women face in addiction. Let the team at Addiction Rehab Centers provide support for your recovery. For more information about our women’s rehab program in Indianapolis, Indiana, please reach out to our treatment team today at 844.910.0686.

a woman is happy to have found an indianapolis womens rehab centerThe Importance of Seeking a Women’s Rehab Center

Many people don’t recognize the importance of a women’s rehab program. One of the reasons it’s critical to seek treatment at a gender-specific program is that women have different challenges than men. For instance, research shows that women use drugs or alcohol in a different way than men do. Often, they use small amounts for shorter amounts of time before they develop an addiction. They also may have more intense cravings and are more likely to relapse even after professional treatment.

In addition, drugs and alcohol have different effects on women than they do on men. Women may be more sensitive to their effects, which can cause more prevalent damage to their blood vessels and heart. Their brains also change in a different way, and they’re more likely to need emergency medical treatment.

Sadly, there is a range of reasons that women may start using drugs or alcohol, such as:

  • Loss of child custody
  • Domestic violence
  • Divorce
  • Death of a romantic or life partner
  • Trauma

Furthermore, if you begin using drugs or alcohol, you may be more likely to suffer from mental health issues, such as depression, panic attacks, or anxiety. Fortunately, treatment options for both addiction and mental health issues are available at our women’s rehab center.

Benefits of a Women’s Rehab Center

Just as there are benefits to finding treatment that is tailored to each patient’s needs, there are also benefits to finding a women’s rehab center. At Addiction Rehab Centers, our women’s rehab program offers a range of advantages, including:

  • Feeling safe in our healing environment: In many cases, traumatic experiences have led to women’s substance abuse. As a result, in many cases, women don’t feel comfortable talking about their experiences in a co-ed environment. We take the time to protect our residents’ safety throughout the recovery process.
  • Get long-lasting support: Recovery from addiction is partially reliant on the support a patient has from their friends and family. In our women’s rehab center, women support each other throughout the healing process.
  • Therapy that addresses women’s issues: A range of issues surround women’s addictions, and it’s vital to address those issues. Our therapy programs address these challenges.
  • Providing relapse prevention techniques: Addiction is a chronic condition, and it is critical to provide relapse prevention techniques to help people stay sober outside of treatment. Our ladies can use the strategies we provide in their day-to-day lives.

Please don’t let your addiction inhibit your life any longer. Contact our women’s rehab program in Indianapolis today at 844.910.0686 to learn about the treatment options available.

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At Addiction Rehab Centers, we’re committed to providing long-lasting treatment for each patient who comes to our treatment center. We offer a range of substance abuse treatment options, including:

For more information about the treatment options available at Addiction Rehab Centers, please reach out to our team today at 844.910.0686.