man explaining relapse prevention

Relapse Prevention

Relapse is a part of your recovery; what matters is that you dust yourself off and move forward again. It is a period of return of addiction after quitting or reducing it. Many people use to regard relapse prevention as an “event”, but it is not. It is a “process” and almost every addict who…

People learning about the detoxification process

The Detoxification Process

Addiction Rehab Centers run drug detoxification programs that prepare addicts to cope with the difficult de-addiction process. There can be some confusion in minds of the addicts, their families, and friends about what this program entails. A clear understanding of what happens during the drug detoxification can make it pretty comfortable for everyone. Understanding the…

man with alcohol poisoning leaning over a toilet

Alcohol Poisoning/Overdose: Signs, Causes, Risk Factors, Treatment and Prevention

Alcohol, if consumed in moderate amounts, can actually have some health benefits including decreased risk of a heart attack and diabetes. However, if its use gets out of hand, a number of problems are produced including deterioration of physical and mental health, addiction and even death. Ethanol, the intoxicating substance in alcoholic drinks is metabolized…