experiential therapy for relationships is healthy for this couple

How Experiential Therapy Can Improve Relationships

Addiction treatment often involves more than simply getting clients that are in treatment to stop using drugs. Treatment also involves learning how to change their behavioral or mental health issues that contribute to relationship difficulties. Those who have not attended an addiction treatment center may not know how treatment works to change the behaviors and…

it's easy to wonder what are stimulants

What Are Stimulants and Are They Dangerous?

Questions may arise about whether stimulants can be dangerous since some stimulants are available by prescription. One question might be, “What are stimulants, and how can someone become addicted to stimulants when doctors prescribe them?” Like most medications, stimulants can be dangerous if someone misuses them or gets them from a source outside of their…

a person takes notes in marijuana addiction treatment in indianapolis

Marijuana Addiction Treatment in Indianapolis

Marijuana is a drug that some people may believe does not lead to addiction issues. After all, some states legalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana. However, there are surprising facts about marijuana, including the fact that it can and does often lead to the need for treatment in a marijuana addiction treatment program. If you’re…

a man deals with painkiller dependency

Signs of Painkiller Dependency

It is no wonder that there is sometimes confusion regarding painkiller dependency and painkiller addiction, especially when the two terms are often used interchangeably. There are differences between the two terms. For many people, it’s essential to learn about the signs of painkiller dependency, along with the similarities and differences between dependency and addiction. However,…

a woman experiences the benefits of holistic therapy

Benefits of a Holistic Therapy Program

There are a variety of treatment options that may help an individual with a substance abuse addiction start the recovery process. For example, holistic therapy helps a person focus on the healing of their whole person. There are many potential benefits of holistic therapy, which may help you or your loved one discover how to heal…

a woman deals with the symptoms of benzo addiction

Symptoms of Benzo Addiction in a Loved One

Benzodiazepines (benzos) are a type of prescription drug used to treat conditions such as anxiety and panic disorders. People can use the drug can safely when they follow a doctor’s prescription. However, some people can develop an addiction to them, especially if misused. The symptoms of benzo addiction are not always easy to spot, especially…