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a woman suffers from the symptoms of alcohol detox

Physical Symptoms of Alcohol Detox

Alcohol is at the heart of many social events in American society, but unfortunately, heavy or frequent drinking can cause the body to become dependent on this substance. Dependence is a chemical change in the brain that makes it hard for a person to stop using alcohol on their own. When they try, they may…

a woman is at risk of oxycodone addiction

Will You Get Addicted to Oxycodone If You Take It Every Day?

Many people need to use prescription pain medications to help control acute or chronic pain. In some cases, doctors may prescribe opioids. Drugs like oxycodone are very effective because they contain the pain signals being sent from the body to the brain. However, they carry the risk of addiction. If you’re using them, you should…

a man suffers from a meth overdose

What to Do If You Overdose on Meth

An overdose is a life-threatening situation. If you are at risk of a meth overdose, your immediate first step is to call 911. This is an emergency situation. If you have overdosed and you’re not sure how to move beyond this in your life, it’s time to invest in meth addiction treatment. It can be…

a man learns the benefits of heroin rehab

Benefits of an Inpatient Heroin Rehab for Addiction

It’s not an easy decision to make; however, for those with heroin addiction, one of the best decisions possible is to enter into a heroin addiction treatment program. Attending an inpatient treatment program includes being away from home for several weeks while you work on healing and restoring your body’s health. We believe that it’s…

a man supports his loved one in alcohol addiction rehab

How to Support a Loved One in Alcohol Addiction Rehab Indianapolis

When a loved one uses alcohol consistently, they will likely develop addiction and dependency on that substance. As that happens, the individual may feel it is nearly impossible to stop using. Even if they want to do so and make promises to you, you may know it’s not likely to happen. An alcohol addiction treatment…

a battered teddy bear represents childhood trauma and addiction

Childhood Trauma and Addiction -The Intriguing Association

At Addiction Rehab Centers, we recognize that trauma is a sad but undeniable factor in the lives of many of our clients. Some of our clients faced trauma as adults. However, many of our clients had traumatizing childhoods. Unfortunately, there is a significant connection between trauma and addiction, meaning that trauma as a child can…

a person learns what is inpatient rehab

What Is Inpatient Rehab?

Once the initial period of detoxification has started, it may be appropriate to enter a residential addiction treatment facility. It is not always a question of whether outpatient vs. inpatient treatment is more useful. Instead, you can ask whether it is beneficial for the individual to begin with one method before transitioning to the next.…

a man struggles with heroin withdrawal

Dangers of Heroin Withdrawal

Do you know someone who uses heroin? If so, it’s time to sit down with them to discuss the dangers of this potent opioid painkiller. Many people die from complications of heroin use every day in the United States. Sadly, this is not limited to accidental overdose. Heroin purchased on the street is often cut…